Oung el Jmel

Oung el Jmel


Undoubtedly, this unforgettable place is known because George Lucas spotted him as a setting for the famous Star Wars saga. However, the Jemel Oung, located a few kilometers from Tozeur, is worthwhile in itself.


Fine sand, a pile of stones that reminds the head of a camel (Oung the Jemel) and, together with the dryness, the miracle of the lake Chott el Gharsa.

A must to visit in 4x4.

Oung el Jmel


Ups and downs in a magical landscape between the vast desert dunes. In the middle of nowhere, stands the city of Mos Espa arena with several houses built for the filming of The Phantom Menace. Also famous for serving as the setting for the film The English Patient (the camp of the players stood here).

Our international actor, Antonio Banderas, lived for months in the area to film Black Gold.


More recently, The Expendables with Sylvester Stallone.

A proximity

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