Chott el Jerid

Chott el Jerid, mirage. Photo DRS

Salt Lake 5.000 square kilometers, located near the border with Algeria.

A thousand years ago was part of the Mediterranean Sea attached to it through the Gulf of Gabes. Fossils found.

Miles and miles of straight line to admire the patterns formed by salt, mirages (if weather conditions permit) to acquire the famous desert roses.
The scientific reason of mirages is the optical illusion due to the refraction of sunlight in the atmosphere reflecting distant objects. This is a consequence of the heating of the air that is in contact with the ground.



A proximity

The desert rose

Desert rose

It is a sedimentary rock formed in deserts are formed when layers of plaster, sand and water. Very beautiful forms crystals that resemble the shape of a flower, hence the name pink. It is very soft and is usually dark. 

The area south of Tunisia is very prolific and roses have become a perfect souvenir for tourists for its beauty and originality and its low cost.

Ksar Ghilane

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