Do it yourself


Do you want to decide and plan your trip?

Schedule your own trip in Tunisia is not difficult. You decide where to stay and what to see. We will make available a vehicle and a tour guide to the most interesting places in Tunisia. You may have a price reference viewing our circuits. A smaller number of participants increased cost. 

A trip to the letter is calculated with the same prices as other programs, Desert Rose does not give a bigger budget for this service. Only, one must understand that there are certain expenses that, when divided among fewer participants are higher. We also tried the food has a higher level.

You can reference the circuits and hotels on our website:



We will create your tour according with yours wishes.



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 On a trip "do it yourself" Desert Rose take place on the program as directed by the client and advise within of its possibilities. A representative will be your disposal.

The agency can not be responsible for installations that the client has requested their own initiative.   This service is not unlimited.

Be made up to 3 free programs and services provided within that appear on our website. If the client requests a new search or services that you need to contact for the first time, you must pay 20 € for administrative cost, costs will be deducted from the bill if to confirm the program.   



Always read the general conditions when you purchase services or products.
Safe trip, we advise you to always hire additional travel insurance.