Cruises with scale in Tunisia


We offer private tours with official english speaking guide. Suitable for travelers who want to go at your own pace without crowds.

3 options in scale in Tunisia:

  • Medina of Tunis - Bardo Museum.
  • Carthage - Sidi Bou Said.
  • Medina of Tunis - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said.

We advise select your visit in relation to time scale. It's advisable to make fewer visits and have more time to enjoy them.
We provide information about your visits to decide your itinerary and we remind you that our service is a la carte.



Medina of Tunis

The old town with its winding streets. Here are the souks.
World Heritage.


Bardo Museum

This visit will let you discover one of the most important collections of mosaics in the world.



The mythical Cartago, a city that came to compete with the powerful Rome.
World Heritage.

Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou Said

Small village in white and blue that has crossed borders.
With exceptional views.

Rates per person


  Medina of Tunis - Bardo Museum

Carthage - Sidi Bou Said

Medina of Tunis - Carthage - Sidi Bou Said

With 4 participants 60 €
With 5 - 6 participants 55 €
With 7 - 8 participants 45 €
Of 9 to 13 participants 35 €
Of 14 to 28 participants 30 €

 30% advance for confirmation. 5% reduction for payment of the rest in cash.

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