Nefta (نفطة), a place where time has stopped and where tourism has not yet turned on their roots. Known as the 'Pearl of Jerid', Nefta was the ancient Roman Nepte and is known for its hot springs and for its splendid oasis.

The Corbeille is a magnificent oasis with more than 400,000 palm trees surrounded by rock walls from which spring many springs. Nefta, a few kilometers from Tozeur, is known for its spirituality and the kindness of its people. That is why has the privilege of being the second place of pilgrimage in the country.

As in Tozeur, its architecture is very original, with houses made out of small bricks and doors made of palm wood.


A proximity


Dar Zargouni (de charme)

Hotel Dar Saida Beya

Route Sahara Palace - 2240 Nefta  



Of the oasis of Nefta. Exceptional villa built in the style of Tozeur.


Mountain oasis

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