The thalassotherapy in Tunisia

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Thalassotherapy is the use, under medical surveillance and preventive or curative purpose, the benefits of the sea (water, seaweed, mud, sand ...)

The strong bet of the central administration to enhance the Thalassotherapy, getting a product of high standing able to attract more tourists, has been decisive. The Decree 92-1297 of 13 July 1992, established the approaches for installation, conception as well as administration and exploitation of thalassotherapy centres, which are under the double guides of Ministries of Health and Tourism.

The whole regulation of this sector is gathered in five chapters: definition of the thalassotherapy, quality of the sea water and the conditions of the use, treatments and benefits, capacity of the centres and easiness of access, norms of exploitation, the personnel's continuous formation, equipment, etc.

The purity of Tunisian marine waters, is well preserved due to good orientation of its currents and a politics of environmental protection. For such a reason, the decree that regulates the Thalassotherapy demands a preliminary ecological study of the location places, controls of water inlets, certain transport conditions and the water supply, mainly.


After almost 12 year-old experience, the thalassotherapy in Tunisia has obtained prestige and recognition from the international scientific societies. It is the only country that has a Law of Thalassotherapy and academic studies grant to this discipline university range. For this reason, countries from EU could take as reference the Tunisian pattern for the future European law of thalassotherapy.

The Thalassotherapy is an speciality that already makes Tunisia the second world destination for holidays of this class of tourist of health after France, thanks to diversify the tourist offer and to develop a product of quality.



Thalassotherapy centres

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