The hunting

Hunting is regulated in Tunisia. It applies to resident hunters and hunters of foreign nationality, non-resident to stay in Tunisia for a minimum period of three consecutive days.


Means permitted hunting are the shotgun, dogs and birds of prey trained to catch game (with obtaining a special license to hunt). No person may hunt outside the statutory period of open season on the whole country.


Non-resident hunters can not go hunting as the channel of a Tunisian travel agency. Tourist hunting license will be issued.

The license is valid for a single stay of a maximum of 7 consecutive days. Beyond 7 days, the detention of a new tourist hunting license is required.


To provide:

  • Species to hunt.
  • Copy of the first 3 pages of the passport.
  • Hunter: Name, date of birth, profession, nationality, address, passport No. and date of issue.
  • Photocopy of hunting license.
  • 4 photos.
  • Rifle: Brand, number, size and the number of strokes.
  • Accompanying: Name, date and place of birth, address.


Permitted species

Wild boar, jackal, fox, genet, thrush, starling, hare, partridge, pigeon, skylark, quail, deer, hedgehog, duck and pigeon step.


Hunting partridge, hare and wild boar (found in abundance mainly in the forests south of Tabarka, and throughout the region of Ain-Draham) is open from 15 September to 31 December.
Migratory species in general (woodcock, thrushes, pigeons, etc..) Can hunt September to April.