Areas of filming in Tunisia

Star Wars in Tunisia

Star Wars

George Lucas in Tunisia
Filming in Chott el Jerid

A New Hope

  • Tataouine = Tatooine. Georges Lucas modified the name of this place to name the planet.
  • The canyon of Sidi Bouhel where r2d2 was kidnapped before arriving to tozeur
  • The Sidi Driss hotel in Matmata is Luke Skywalker's house
  • The Igloo in Chott el Jerid isThe exterior of Luke's house.
  • The canteen where Luke met Han Solo is In Djerba, in the city of Ajim, . In the area, the house of Obi Wan Kenobi. Is Not contemplated in the Tour because there is nothing left to see.

Oung el Jmel

The Phantom Menace

  • Tataouine. To give life to the slave town of episode I they used the ksars, fortified dwellings that the Berbers built. In Ksar Hadada.
  • Oung el Jemel. There is part of the scenery of the city of Mos Espa, home of Anakin.
  • Mides inspired the pod race. A great storm destroyed the scenery.

Lars farm

Attack of the Clones

Revenge of the Sith

  • Tatooine
  • Lars family farm. Chott el Jerid.
  • Matmata. Farm interiors.

Indiana Jones

Raiders of the lost ark

  • Outside of Tanis, Steven Spielberg used the same location that George Lucas used in the filming of Star Wars. The canyon where the Nazis carry the ark on pilgrimage is the same as the kidnapping of R2D2, Sidi Bouhlel.
  • The scenes of Cairo were set in Kairouan. There, the team had to remove between 200 and 300 television antennas from the houses. In the bar where the scene was shot between Indiana and Belloq there are some pictures of the shooting.
Harrison Ford in Tunisia

The English Patient

The English Patient
  • Oung el Jemel. The cartographers' camp was installed here. The protagonist's plane flies over the palm grove.
  • Mides canyon. Place where the protagonists hide.
  • Nefta Its original streets can be seen at the end of the movie, when the protagonist is taken prisoner.



The director, Anthony Minguella, visited Egypt and Morocco looking for the ideal place to shoot the film but found it in Tunisia.


"The Tunisian Sahara is perfect, like Lawrence of Arabia's," he said.



Campment in Oung el Jmel

The Life of Brian / Jesus of Nazareth

The scenes that recreate the walls of the city of Jerusalem were shot in the Ribat of Monastir.

Black Gold

Antonio Banderas


Antonio Banderas filmed in Tunisia "Black Gold", a story about power and ambition. The selected area, Oung el Jmel.

The film is produced by local film magnate Tarak Ben Ammar with the libretto by Menno Meyjes, the director of "Manolete". With Freida Pinto, discovered in "Slumdog Millionaire". Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud, author of "Le Nom de la Rose" and "L'Ours".


The Expendables 4

The Expendables 4



Sylvester Stallone rolls in southern Tunisia The Expendables 4.

The chosen area, the same as the rest of its predecessors, Oung el Jmel.






Other films shot in Tunisia:

Pirates of Roman Polanski.

The tiger and snow of Roberto Benigni.

La vérité si je mens! 2.

Peut être.