Incentives, gastronomy

Knowing the Tunisian dishes, new flavors and odors accompanied by good wines.
Tourists of all nationalities are attracted by tasting the wines of Tunisia and those dishes sometimes a little spicy.
The best restaurants,  
which the guidelines recommend, that all will be at your fingertips.


Top restaurants in Tunisia

Dar el Jeld

Restaurant Dar el Jeld



Located in the Medina in Tunis in an old Arabic style. The number 1 of the Tunisian cuisine restaurants.
Specialties both meat and fish, always accompanied by fine wines.


Restaurant Essaraya



In the heart of the Medina, in an old Moorish-style house.
Selecting traditional Arabic dishes under the care of a team less attentive to detail.


Restaurant Fatma



Located next to the Medina and beachfront. An exceptional treatment and Tunisian specialties. The Desert Rose restaurant in Hammammet.
Recommended by 85% of customers according to TripAdvisor.

La Daurade

Restaurant La Daurade



Located in the marina of Port el Kantaoui. Specialising in fish. It has a large terrace overlooking the harbor and a pianist.
Exceptional treatment. The Desert Rose restaurant in Port El Kantaoui.

Du peuple

Restaurant Du Peuple



Located in the Medina of Sousse. Specializing in Tunisian cuisine. 






The activities and cuisine can be combined. Imagine a luxury hotel in the same Atlas. Imagine a dinner in an unforgettable setting. Everything is possible ...


Hotel Tamerza Palace



A dinner in the ruins of the ancient city of Tamerza light of 5000 candles.
With animation (on request).
Price based on the number of participants.





Lunch at the heart of an oasis. The best cuisine in the best frame.
Price based on the number of participants.

Tamerza Palace




Lunch or dinner buffet around the pool.
Price based on the number of participants.

Dinner folk in the oasis of Tozeur



At the heart of the oasis of Tozeur. Tunisian gastronomy tasting while enjoying the folklore. Show "Fantasia" with incredible berber horses.