Dar Zaghouan, de charme

Dar Zaghouan


Dar Zaghouan


A farm in the countryside of Tunisia.
At the entrance of the farm runs a large flower garden. The view is breathtaking mountains and plains. The firm offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the traditions of the countryside and discover the flavours of its traditional culinary preparations in a rustic and authentic.



Two cottages with two different styles of suites and cottages with a decoration of great originality.




Pool Dar Zaghouan


A pool fed by natural spring water supply aqueduct in miniature and cascading into a basin equipped for swimming against the tide, hydro massage and Jacuzzi.
Hikes, donkey, mule or horse for a distance of 30 hectares surrounded by nature in a unique setting.
Free workshops:
Discovery of farm animals.
Discovery tools of traditional farmers.












Zaghouan is located 57 km from Tunis and 27 km from Thuburbo Majus.


The ancient Ziquoua supplied water to the city via an aqueduct of Carthage a hundred kilometers.


The Temple of the Waters is the purpose of the trip to Zaghouan, built under Emperor Hadrian. Is a semicircle of 30 m. opening, the interior gallery to house the statues. At center, the temple itself had to contain a statue of the patron deity of the source.


The mausoleum of Sidi Ali Azouz Zaghouan, has a remarkable dome with glazed green tiles and a beautiful wall decoration made of geometric patterns.


The Temple of the Waters